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VECAP is a nonprofit organization originally founded in 1967 to promote the professions and services of vocational evaluation and work adjustment. Originally known as the Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment Organization (VEWAA), the name “VECAP” was established in 2003 to better reflect the specialized focus of the organization.
Over the past decade, VECAP’s membership has expanded significantly, and is proudly comprised of professionals from a variety of disciplines. One of our greatest strengths is our diverse membership pool which includes strong representation from vocational evaluators, special educators, workforce development professionals, career/guidance counselors, the justice system and others with a vested interest in vocational evaluation and career assessment.


The mission of VECAP is to advance and improve the fields of vocational evaluation and career assessment while representing the needs of the professionals who provide those services.

VECAP membership is comprised of professionals who provide vocational evaluation, assessment, and career services, as well as others interested in these services.

VECAP members identify, guide, and support the efforts of persons served to develop and realize training, education, and employment plans as they work to attain their career goals.